BCC Women’s Havurah Tea Party!


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On Sunday, June 24 the BCC Women’s Havurah gathered to learn the medicinal properties and healing aspects of tea. This afternoon of information, performance, scones, popcorn, fruit and soothing herbal tea was facilitated by former BCC Member, Beth Ribet and young women from the Repair for Justice group.

Beth Ribet is a visiting Professor and Lecturer at UCLA, in addition she is the co-Founder and co-Director of Repair for Justice (Repair).  Repair engages in research, education, and community-level advocacy regarding health challenges, health disparities and disabilities that are the consequence of social problems.  Repair is especially interested in the development of the high rate of illnesses (physical and mental) among survivors of gender and domestic violence, incarcerations and torture, refugee migrations, human rights crises, racial genocide, human trafficking, and human experimentation.

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At our Tea Party, BCC Members Joanie Spitler & Sylvia Weisenberg joined the Repair for Justice crew for an impromptu skit (excerpt below):

“Settler Colonist Molecule #1:  I am an unstable molecule.  When the boss, Mr. Entitlement walked into Samra’s cublicle, she became tense because she knows he is a bully who doesn’t respect her, and that released me!  Much like her boss, I have needs that require me to take from others.  I need an electron, give me an electron!!”

“Settler Colonist Molecule #2:  When the boss made a fuss over Samra’s name and shook his head at her as if to communicate disapproval for not fitting his racial stereotypes, she had a moment of humiliation and I was formed!  Like the boss, I don’t really care how I affect those around me.  I love exploitation!  I shall take an electron too, because I can!”

“Samra’s cell: Oh crap–you know? I really need to process oxygen!  Vitamin C, help me please!”

“Vitamin C: Sorry, I’m almost depleted –I came from a GMO orange, and was fertilized with sewage sludge.  There really isn’t that much of me to share.  It’s amazing you’ve got any helpful vitamins at all (slumps to the ground).”

“Narrator: Samra drank some Adaptogenic herbal tea after lunch. Thank goodness!”

“(Vitamin C stands back up with a hand from Adaptogen) I’m here Samra’s Cell, Look!  Here comes the cranberry and echinacea paramedic team!  Hooray, they will boost immunity and keep you safe while I repair you–you are going to make it!!”

“Narrator: Samra’s cell, Unstable Molecules and Vitamin C, please take a bow.  The end.”

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After, some of us worked in teams to make big batches of herbal teas, so that we could share them. There were so many ingredients to use.  Here was one recipe:

A pinch each of
Hawthorn Berry
Milk Thistle
Ginger Root
Barberry Root
Holy Basil
Lemon Balm
Nettle Leaf
Stevia (if you like your tea sweet)

Many thanks to Women’s Havurah Chair, Ronnie Wexler for bringing us all together over tea!!

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