Juval Porat’s ‘Here I Am’ on Most Popular Jewish Music Artists’ Compilation


The song ‘Here I Am’, written by Juval Porat & Tamara Kline and performed by Juval Porat, was selected to be included in Ruach 5777, a joint project of Transcontinental Music and NFTY.

Ruach 5777 features twelve songs, all carefully selected from countless submissions by a review committee featuring NFTY teens, Reform movement professionals, leaders and ACC cantors. The compilation aims to feature today’s up-and-coming and most popular Jewish music artists whose infectious contemporary Jewish rock and pop songs are sure-fire hits for any setting.

The Ruach series represents state-of-the-art in contemporary Jewish rock and pop.

The song “Here I Am” was written especially for the 2016 BCC Awards Brunch, when our congregation honored Freedom to Marry leaders Evan Wolfson & Marc Solomon and social change advocate Gwen Walden.

“Most heroes today don’t set out to be heroes. Rather they see a problem or challenge at hand and think, ‘Something’s got to be done here; I can help’ “, explains Cantor Juval Porat. “Here I Am is a song that honors both the trepidation and the grace one often experiences when answering the call of tikkun olam with ‘heineni’ , here I am.’”

Click here to download Ruach 5777

Tamara Kline and Cantor Juval Porat are honorees at this year’s Awards Brunch

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