Sunday, April 25, How to Create Social Change through One-LA, 4pm

All the shuls and schools are doing it!!! Will you join us for a meeting to explore if BCC can do it too? Do what? Become part of the neighborhood organizers known as One-LA. What’s One-LA? As one enthusiast put it, “One LA is not only about creating social change; it is equally about building relationships ….relationships WITHIN and BETWEEN the member-groups that make up One-LA, as well as relationships with the officials who can ensure that the social change will happen.” BCC’s next step in exploring partnering with One-LA will be a Conversation with Robert Hoo, BCC’s One-LA organizer on Sunday April 25th at BCC from 4-6 PM. We will discuss how to move our One-LA work forward as well as what partnering could mean for BCC. For more info please contact Rabbi Edwards at through the temple office.

Written by Victoria Delgadillo on Apr 19, 2010 in Adult Education - No Comments

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